Day 3: Ouch!

Okay. So I don’t look any skinnier. But my butt cheeks HURT SO BAD! I decided instead of push-ups I was going to plank b/c it supposedly worked out your entire upper torso.  There’s no “supposedly” involved. I FEEL it. It hurts to laugh because my lower abs/transverse abdominus is burning all day. Every time I move, my abs cry…and so do I. My inner thighs want to kick my butt…but I’m already doing that. If it hurts this bad, I hope that means it’s working.


30 Day Squat Challenge

Kids are hella on the body, as I’m sure many of you know. Before I had Jermahl, I was 109 pounds (which at the time is the most I’ve ever weighed). I went from an A cup to a B/C and put on 47 extra pounds. :/ No biggie. I was young. I figured I could work it off, and I was grateful for the bigger boobs. After a while, though, the boobs went back down to a B. 😦

Fast forward 6 years later, and I’d been working out. I got down from 130 to 117. Same dang boob size. Killer abs were appearing. Then I got knocked up with Jude. Now I am back to 130, and have 34DDD/36E. They are HUMONGOUS! At first I was happy about the boobage, but NOW, I realize that 1) even though I’m okay with my body, I’m still 29lbs overweight for my age/height; 2)the back pain is killing me; and 3) as I work out, my waist gets smaller (-ish) but my boobs are staying the same so I haven’t found a cute semi-form-fitting shirt in a very long while.

So every day I attempt to do a push-up because upper body strength supposed tightens the boobage up, tones the arms and overall exercise makes your whole body skinny. I’ve also decided to do the 30 day squat challenge. So HERE are my before pics. And I’ll keep you updated every so often if not every day. 🙂  BTDubs, this is leaving me horribly vulnerable, so no judging on my fatness please.








Just Checking In

I’m actually exhausted and need sleep super bad, but I promised myself that I’d write every Wednesday and Thursday, so here I am. I hope everyone had fun getting over the hump today! The weekend is almost here!

OH! Good news: Jermahl is getting an award at school on Friday. I have no idea what for (no, they didn’t tell me lol), I think Honor Roll. I love my kid.

Peeking Through the Darkness: The First Memory

“Tonight, we’re going to play Russian roulette,” she said in a proud, august voice as she paced between us. I and my two sisters were kneeling and trembling as we waited. I was only four years-old, but I knew what Russian roulette was. I also knew what kind of gun our mother owned, and that you couldn’t play Russian roulette with a 9mm. You could only play with the guns that had spinning bullets.

My knees dug into the brown wooden floor. It hurt so bad that I wanted to fall over. That would be a mistake, though. My hands had to stay behind my back. My eyes had to look straight ahead, too, but they couldn’t. They kept glancing over at my oldest sister, Dessa, to make sure I was doing what she was doing. She knew how to survive Mommy’s moods. I didn’t want to mess up and make Mommy shoot me. Dessa had tears running down her face, but she didn’t make a sound. Her eyes look straight in front of her. She never glanced at me or our other sister, Faith. Mommy liked to take things away from Dessa, things she cared about. Maybe Dessa was afraid to look at her sisters, in case Mommy tried to take one of us.

Faith was kneeling, too. She wasn’t crying, though. She had the slightest grin on her face. Mommy never scared Faith. I used to think Faith had so many abhorrent things happen to her that nothing would ever scare her again. At nine, Faith was just 2 years younger than Dessa, and they had been through so much more than me.

I honestly still don’t know why Mommy decided she was mad at me, too. I think it was because I was Dessa’s and Faith’s favorite little sister. They always played in my hair, and gave me baths, and helped me eat. I was sick a lot, and often couldn’t hold my own spoon, so someone always had to feed me. If I didn’t eat my food, it made Mommy very angry. My sisters didn’t think it was fair for Mommy to be mean to me, I was too weak to be a bad girl, but that never stopped her.

Mommy walked up behind me. “Are you ready to play, Lia?” I felt hard, cold, steel dig into the back of my head. I took in a ragged breath. To me, if I died it was okay, because then I wouldn’t be in pain anymore. My sickness would be gone and my sisters wouldn’t have to take care of me. The only thing that scared me were my babies. I was in charge of my baby brother Jackie who was 3, and our baby sister Asia who was only a few months. I was the only one who fed them, changed them, and sang to them. What would happen to my babies if I lost the game? They might be next.


“I guess you win, Lia,” Mommy said in a cheerful voice. “Stay there.” My heart beat fast as I listened to her walk over to Faith. In my chest felt like a dozen frenzied beats between each of quick, loud steps. From the corner of my eye, I saw her black dress sway. It was patterned with countless, tiny pink roses and it cinched at her small waist. It was beautiful, just like Mommy. Mommy stopped behind Faith. She bent down close to Faith’s ear and in a mean, throaty whisper she said, “I really hope you lose this round.” In a flash, the barrel was pressed into the back of Faith’s head and she grimaced, but remained silent.


Mommy sighed. “Dammit!” She slapped the back of Faith’s head. “I can’t believe I have to deal with you for another day. That only leaves Dessa, and there are no more chances.” She tsked. “Faith. Lia. Cover your ears. This is going to be loud,” Mommy said in a sing-song voice and quickly put the barrel of the gun close to Dessa’s temple.  I couldn’t help myself. I let out a sob as I plugged my ears with fingers. Faith just knelt there, her hands still behind her back.


No loud boom. No thump as Dessa’s body hit the floor. No sound of anything except the pitter-patter of my urine as it hit the floor beneath me. Mommy chuckled.

Mommy said in a teasing, but friendly manner, “Tricked you!” Then her voice turned cold again.  “I guess you all win. Now don’t piss me off again and clean up your fucking sister.”

Busy Busy Me

Here is my list of things to do tomorrow. Let’s see how much I accomplish (fingers crossed that it all gets done before my hip gives way:/).



EDIT: I just realized I put 2 ‘J’s. Dang it. Note to self-don’t make to-do lists half asleep lol

Life with Lifebushido

It is human nature to want to find a place where we belong, where we feel productive and appreciated. Not many people can say, ‘I was able to start at {insert company} in the position I wanted to be in.’ Lifebushido gives you that opportunity! I started out by looking on job boards for plausible work at home positions. I came across an ad for Lifebushido and it lead me to the company’s website. It said they were looking for people to utilize their natural talents to work for them. It said they especially appreciated stay-at-home moms. I’m like, ‘okay, that doesn’t tell me anything about the job.’ But they meant what they said. During the application process, which is about 30 days, you get set up with a group who you get to know, who you do random tasks with and come up with a creative project. The tasks that you’re given show the company what you’re good at so they know what job to give you and to point out to you what your strong suits are. They focus on the good in you and help you do the same for yourself.

I can honestly say that even if I came out not wanting to work for the company (which I can’t imagine) or if I didn’t get hired, the application process has introduced me to some amazing women, helped go outside of my comfort zone and shown me that I’m more than just a one-trick pony. I’m in a leadership position at the moment, and it’s a first for me. I’ve never been a leader, I’ve always been the backbone. I have so much more confidence in myself now that I know I can be a leader; I don’t have to hide behind the scenes if I don’t want to. I promise you, that if you want to explore your talents, meet new people, have a great company supporting your uniqueness, get paid well, and do it all from the comfort of your own home, try Lifebushido!

I’m Back!

Hey world, 

I’ve been getting my life in order and I’m ready to start writing again. So stay tuned!

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