Take a Look Outside Yourself!!

I LOOOVE to read. I read everything. Magazines, newspapers, blogs, web articles, Wikipedia, my sisters’ diaries everything. So I thought, why not have a book review page? I like a bunch of different subjects and this could be a good way to share my opinions and get great suggestions on new books to read. I am a member at another website, and it’s nice but this is much more personal to me. So, for my first review I choose a book I JUST read called Guide to OBE & Astral Projection: Astral Projection Secrets Revealed.

Written by Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler, she takes a much different approach to outer-body experiences than most. I expected the book to be occultist (like most books I’ve found on the subject) and fanatic. Instead, it was very concise, scientific, and logical. It was extremely informative, INTERESTING and easy to understand. Not only that, but it’s only about 70 pages and $3 on Amazon. I say pretty impressive and I’ll probably read something else by her.

4/5 on the {Sucky :(} to {So NOT Sucky meter:)}


Thinking about it?

It is about the Day to Day thoughts we receive that can be accompanied with actions. I believe that the Holy Ghost doesn't only prompt us in big decision making but also in the very small ones. As we begin to note down the small daily prompting we receive, we begin to notice clearly what spiritual promptings are like and how they can be recognized in the huge decision processes. It is a learning process. One must understand the techniques of little addition and subtractions before understanding that of algebraic equations. My goal is to expressly apply the small daily inspirations I receive from the scriptures and or spontaneous inspirations into actions that can benefit me and others to becoming better children of a Heavenly Father. First think about it and act upon the will of God.

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