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I’ve said in the past that I love taking surveys. I have been with a program called Media Insiders Panel for about 6 months now.  This program is a little different from most. All I have had to do is install the MI app on my Android smartphone.  I’ve taken one 5 minute survey for leaving the app on my phone  and I’ve earned $5 every month. Here’s how it works:

” Panel participants download a small mobile application (called “MI Mobile”) onto their Android™ or iOS-based (iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®) smartphone, tablet or Kindle Fire. This app simply measures the activities that you conduct via your device, such as sharing, viewing, clicking, chatting, downloading and more.

Our panelists are also asked to sync with us on Facebook and/or Twitter, and may be asked to accept a browser cookie on their PC so that we can understand how consumers use social media as a part of their everyday lives. From time to time, we also ask our panelists to share their opinions with us by completing periodic e-mail surveys.

By aggregating this data with other panelists from across the U.S., we can provide accurate insights about how media is used, viewed and shared. At no time is a panelist’s personally identifiable information ever shared or released publicly, nor will we ever interact with you via social media. “

That’s pretty simple for $5 dollars a month. They’ve missed one payment because I changed my email address. I emailed them and by the 1st of the next month, I was paid in full. I know it’s not a lot of money, but essentially it’s free! It’s how I pay for my Starbucks. I love a coffee-free Vanilla Bean Frappucino and butter croissant (my guilty pleasure).

In the spirit of doing my fellow bloggers a favor (I don’t get any bonus for telling you about this program), and building up my blog, I’m also giving away $15. It comes on an electronic Tango gift card which you exchange for cash, Amazon money, Facebook credits, a Pottery Barn gift card and more!



I think it is selfish to make someone suffer unnecessarily. This is a wonderfully written piece. What do you think?

Moment Matters

If we all strive for more freedom in our lives, if we have the right choose our own jobs, our own way of living, may we not decide whether we want to live or not?

Euthanasia has been the cause of many debates worldwide. When we kill animals we do it fast to stop them from experiencing unnecessary pain. Do those animals want to die? Maybe so, their living conditions aren’t very good when humans put them in small cages. Animals can’t communicate with us, they can’t tell us if they agree. Would we let them live if they’d disagree? Maybe, if they could communicate, we might consider them equal to us, and we wouldn’t kill them. How can we be sure animals experience any pain at all? It is impossible, but we expect them to, it would be rather strange if they didn’t.

Tony Nicklinson was no animal. He was paralysed in 2005, and could only communicate…

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Where I Was…

This won’t be long.

I was only 12 years-old. I was still in foster care. I sat on the floor of my bedroom looking up at my T.V., tears streaming down my face. I hated this place, the system, the government. I could understand why someone would go into a social services building and blow it up: they facilitated child abuse. In fact, I prayed for it daily. So when I saw an real act of terrorism, I couldn’t understand. These were children, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives. These were innocent bystanders. These were fire-fighters, soldiers, police officers. These were people who were in love. And I was a little girl at home, hundreds of miles away, feeling like the rubble was crushing my body. Feeling like it was me that I saw jumping out of the windows. I don’t remember the news channel I was watching. I don’t remember the name of the family I was with. But I remember sitting on my heels in front of the dresser that held my T.V. I remember wishing I could hug my mother, because she would have never let me see this, or know about this until I was older. I remember the overwhelming feeling. I didn’t know anyone from that horrible day. But I know that a girl that died could have been my best friend, one of the boys might have been my husband, one of the women could have been my mother in law, one of those fire-fighters might have fathered my future daughters in law. That’s what I thought. I felt like part of my life was being stolen from me and so many others before we ever knew it was ours. My heart goes out to those who lost someone. To those who lost many. I know my husband puts his uniform on everyday so that this never happens to us again. I know I was a little girl that day, with no connection to anything, but know that day, and today, I was with you; I am with you.

All Mine!

Just because he is sexy and I love him.

Fifty Shades of Hot

courtesy of Vanity Fair

From the beginning to end, this book had me at the edge of my seat. One hand holding the book open, the other hand reaching for my underwear drawer in case I needed a change. Some of those–ALL of the ‘intimate’ scenarios were extremely hot. Funny enough, when I first heard about the book, and from Wendy Williams no less, she said it was “mommy porn.” She described it as women who were dominatrices. Or at least that is what I gathered from what she was saying. That is NOT what the book is about.  I finally decided to buy this book and give it the once over. I’ve been engrossed in sci-fi for the last year and it was time for a change. Oh,my! Ana Steele is a strong female character with a “Bella Swan” weakness to her. She has that whole, “he’s beautiful and too good for me but I’ll never listen and do everything I can to sabotage our relationship” thing going for her. Christian Grey. Well, he just makes me forget I’m a Christian. The way E. L. James portrays this character, the sex appeal and vulnerability just oozes from the pages. I can almost see this man when I’m reading. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a good laugh and dirty secret. haha. You never know when Christian is going to break out the silk tie, and where you’ll be reading when he does. I was in church the first time. Don’t worry. I prayed extra hard for forgiveness. But I couldn’t wait to get home to read some more. 😉

Army Wife Blundering

My goal is to be like Claudia Joy Holden: Loving mother, supportive wife, successful college student, FRG president. Right now I’m like Roxie LeBlanc: shotgun wedding, living on post, baby-father drama, and I don’t even have a Hump Bar! I am, however, a loving mother,  a college student (success to be determined) and hopefully, come September 5th I’ll be FRG President, too. As for the supportive wife part, I’M TRYING. It’s actually a LOT harder than it sounds.

To love someone so much, we bump heads a lot. Right now, we are in the “Pamela and Chase pre-divorce” stage of our marriage. But I don’t believe in divorce. That sucker is stuck with me forever. He does whatever the heck he wants; apparently, I’m controlling and sometimes emasculating. Those weren’t the exact words he used but that is what I got out of it.  How to be supportive: I have no fricking clue.

How can I support a unit that keeps my husband away from home almost EVERY DAY for 14-18 hours a day? How can I support a husband who would rather play EVEonline than have a conversation with me most times? Don’t get me wrong, I love the Army and I love my husband; sometimes, I just want to kick their butts, though.

So I have recently been called to be the secretary for Relief Society at church, I’m taking 4 or 5 classes with a course-load of 10, I’m going to be the FRG president,  and I’m attempting to keep up with all my surveys because in a week I’ll be in Virginia and I’m going to need some extra spending money.

I’m going to be in Virginia for a month, separated from my husband. On the bright side, I’m going to get to see Jermahl, which is great because Druggie is trying to make it hard for me to talk to him. Unless of course, I pay for a 7-year-old’s cell phone when they have two working phones and 3 computers. They probably won’t let me Skype with him because the house is still filthy and they don’t want me to see it.

Anyway, non sequitur. I feel bad for Judas and Jesse. Judas will be away from his daddy and Jesse won’t have his wife or his kids. L He has this four-day weekend and I want to make it special. Unfortunately, a day and a half of it has been wasted. Claudia Joy would have already done something spectacular for General Holden. I pulled a Roxie and burned the bacon. Even Roland is better at being an Army wife than me.

Maybe I’ll let Jesse play Eveonline the rest of the weekend and Jude and I can watch the 4th season of Army Wives. Jude stops whatever he is doing when it comes on. It makes him do this, though:

He looks like Jesse more and more every day.

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