I Like My Scotch Stiff, Not My Babies

I don’t actually drink scotch. I still don’t like my babies stiff. Which is why I am writing this blog. The last few days have been completely mortifying. Wednesday, Judas and I were watching YouTube videos together. He was being my usual super-sweet baby.


Giving me Kisses


Judas stopped breathing. He may or may not have just held his breath on purpose, but he began turning blue. I have been taking care of babies since I was 4 and I have NEVER seen a baby turn blue. Ever. Unless, you know, they were dying. Apparently, though, there is a new brand of baby terrorist, and they go around holding their breath and scaring the crap out of their parents. Okay…That’s fine. After I took Judas to the E.R., and they put him on an oximeter, gave him some oxygen, and did a chest x-ray, I would have been able to accept that as an answer. Reluctantly, but I would have been able to.



Unfortunately, the very next day. Judas had a seizure. He started coughing, foaming at the mouth, and his eyes were very unfocused. Then he stopped breathing and got extremely stiff. I could feel my own body get weak, because I was terrified. I thought, oh, God. My baby is dying in my arms. DO SOMETHING, MIRANDA! So, I called 911. I started patting him on the back. I was afraid to do chest compressions because CPR on a baby lives on the very thin line of helpful and harmful. The dispatcher wasn’t even a dispatcher for my post, so she had to transfer me and I had to repeat my address to the new dispatcher three times. It took 6 minutes from the time I called to the time the rescuers got to my home. by then I had done 4 rescue breaths and got Jude breathing within 1 or 2 minutes.


He was very upset his arm was stinted for the IV

My poor baby was so tired and lethargic. But he was breathing. I had to tell countless people over and over what happened. We went to the Weeds Army Clinic. They drew blood, ran an I.V., did a CT scan, even gave him a sterile urinalysis. I felt like a horrible person when they did that. Watching your baby boy get a catheter is not a pleasant experience for you or him. His dad and I just kept looking at each other the whole day, procedure after procedure, like…what next? Eventually, the doctor said they didn’t have the equipment to run further tests, so we were transferred to Loma Linda Children’s Hospital (120 miles away from home).

Another EKG and 4 hours later, we were ‘admitted’ to the Pediatric ward. They put us in a room with 2 other families. I guess they were saving money that way…There were more tests. They took his temperature so many times, I lost count. They took even more blood. They flushed his IV every 8 hours until finally they gave him fluids. They did another EKG and an EEG. He was miserable and probably feeling violated and scared. Their stupid cribs looked like baby jails.



Finally around 5pm on Friday, they told us they his baseline was so normal and healthy, they couldn’t find anything wrong with him and didn’t want to be more invasive unless absolutely necessary and discharged us. As we took him out of his crib and put him in his car-seat. He was SO happy all of a sudden. It’s like he knew we were leaving that place. 3 hours later, we were happy to be home, albeit a little miffed that they didn’t find the cause of the seizure. We follow up with the doctor next week. I just hope he stays healthy.

Before Bed




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  1. Nicole ~ Busy Mom in the Kitchen
    Jul 21, 2012 @ 21:13:02

    SITS visit! How very scary for you and your hubby! As another military family, dealing with this kind of stuff away from home, without family support and the running around we get from the post or base doesn’t make it any simpler. Praying your little guys stays healthy.


  2. Gillian Stephen (@Gillian_Stephen)
    Jul 21, 2012 @ 22:37:20

    Hi connecting from SITS you poor love, I feel your pain. When my 1 year old was born she wasn’t feeding properly and lost more than 10% of her birth weight, I had to return to the hospital 2 days after having her and ended up staying for a week. Test after test was done, she too had a catheter and blood taken more times than I care to remember whilst they tried to establish the cause of her lack of interest in food, it took a long while (months) for the numerous needle marks to disappear. The cause was never established and luckily she just started eating properly and we could return home, my mum later told me she’s watched a program whilst we were in hospital where some kids that this happened to never made it as they were too weak.

    I’m glad you didn’t take it lightly and you did all in your power for your little one to stay breathing, well done! Praying that everything stays ok with him, he’s so cute!

    Fitnessbuster by Gillian Stephen


    • Lady Bevil
      Jul 21, 2012 @ 23:19:34

      Oh gosh that’s terrifying. I’m so glad your daughter made it through that. It’s so hard as a mom when we feel out of control and cant do much to help our baby. Thanks for the support 🙂


  3. Jamie
    Jul 22, 2012 @ 00:58:39

    That sounds like such an awful experience! I can’t even imagine but I’m glad he’s doing so much better!


  4. Nicole
    Jul 22, 2012 @ 01:48:25

    Thank Goodness he is okay … How horrific! I wholeheartedly hope that the doctors will be able to determine the cause. Visiting from SITS 🙂


  5. Kathryn Leonard
    Jul 23, 2012 @ 03:14:08

    so grateful your little bundle is safe…our instincts as mother’s are challenged when are suddenly out of control. So proud of you, keeping focused even though your insides were coming unglued, for giving your baby much needed breath, and staying in the journey…God’s blessings on your little one as you wait for tests, and for you who will stand in the gap for him the rest of his life…the joy and privilege of being a mother.


  6. Lady Bevil
    Jul 26, 2012 @ 19:19:01

    Oh, Kathryn, thank you very much. And I really appreciate everyone’s concern and well-wishes. It’s nice to feel supported at a time like this.


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