5 Things to Look Forward to In the First Year

Every parent knows that our child’s milestones are some of the most important moments in our lives. We stare like crazy people waiting for them. Here are some of my favorites.

I know this doesn’t count, but he gets angry pretty well.

5. The first temper tantrumI know this doesn’t seem like something a parent should look forward to, but if you think about it, it’s kind of awesome. You get to see a glimpse into their personality, not the cutesy one you tell yourself they’re going to have. The real them. And if you don’t stress and just enjoy the show, you’ll see they really are beautiful no matter what. Jermahl didn’t throw a lot of temper tantrums. He was a pretty sweet baby. Jude on the other hand….

4. The first word- I know the first word is important, but the list is only so long. When they say their first word (and it’s usually by accident), prepare for the tears of joy. It’s pretty much a given. You may not do it front of it everyone, but they are going to come. The overwhelming joy of realizing your baby can communicate with you, it’s just one more thing to bring you closer together. It also gives you another thing to brag about to friends and family…and you know how much we love talking about our kids, even if they don’t love hearing about them. Jermahl said his first word at 5months old, on Christmas Eve. It was ‘Mama.’ Judas is learning sign language so I can talk to him early, too.

Jermahl with Jude’s brother and sister.

3. The first smile I thought about putting this first…but Jermahl and Judas smiled the first day. So did all of my nieces and nephews. In fact, I’ve never seen a baby who didn’t smile the day they were born. If yours didn’t, there is nothing wrong with your baby. Everything I’ve read says it’s from birth to 2 or 3months. The first time each of my boys smiled…good gosh, my heart melted. My heart still melts when they smile at me. When Jermahl was a baby, he would smile in his sleep (same with Jude) and I would play with his fat little cheeks to try and get him to smile. Reflex or not, one of the sweetest things you’ll ever see.

First picture of Judas laughing.

2. The first laugh This is tricky. Babies don’t usually laugh until about 3 or 4 months old. Jermahl was 3 months and he laughed a lot. It was so precious to hear it. He’s a goofball.  Judas, however, started laughing in his sleep when he was about a week old. I nearly died! I thought it was the cutest thing and I just needed more baby laughter in my life. I have tried everything to get him to laugh. Tickling…I’ll either get a smile or a ‘what the heck are you doing’ look depending on the time of day. He smiles big for Mr. Bear but no laughter. I kept saying, LAUGH. And then one day at 2 ½ months…he did it. I was talking to him and everything I said, he laughed at. It lasted for about 10 minutes and then I didn’t hear laughter again until a week ago. It’s one of the most joyous sounds I’ve ever heard. It will be for you, too.

1. The first full night of sleep- Screw the cute baby outfits, first steps, smiling, laughing…at some point, you feel like giving them something to cry about because THEY JUST WONT GO TO SLEEP. I know Jermahl was just a baby… I know Jude is just a baby…I chant it to myself over and over every morning at 3:35 a.m. When he was first born, he wanted to sleep ALL of the time, but I had to wake up every 2 hours to feed him because if I didn’t my boobs, were going to explode and he was going to be malnourished. Now he wakes up every three hours to eat on his own. This could turn into the woes of breastfeeding, but that will be another post. Suffice to say, it probably won’t happen until we incorporate baby cereal into his diet so he stays full longer, but the day I, E. Miranda Bevil, go to sleep at 10 and wake up at 6, will be the day I throw a party. I promise. It will have balloons. Possibly confetti, as well.


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