I sorry! I sorry!


Ugghhh!! This has definitely been a long couple of weeks. I’ve spent most of the time on Percocet or asleep (or both). Trying to breastfeed has proved challenging because Judas somehow manages to kick me directly in my incision every time. I know I said I’d be back every week…but I get a free pass because I had surgery… 😀

We were playing Phase 10 😀

So, the rest of the time was great and horrible at the same time. Jesse really helped a lot but I could tell that he was feeling a bit overwhelmed. We haven’t really had a chance to…enjoy being married because I got injured 3 weeks before we got married, I had a baby 2 weeks later via C-section and then an abdominal surgery 8 weeks after that. My poor hubby has been taking care of me for half of our relationship. So there’s been a bit of tension we are working through.

I haven’t really gotten online. Or I guess I’ve been on FB once or twice in my Percocet-induced stupor to post fairly ‘emo’ things:

“Here’s to you. Here’s to me, Ohhh, to us. Nobody knows. Nobody sees. Nobody but me…I am a fever.”

That was Sunday. :/ I don’t remember what I was thinking about.

Mandi’s son Sean had a birthday this past Friday so I helped her set that up. It was a LOT of fun. He had a sleepover with a couple of kids from school, the neighborhood and Jermahl. Some of those kids were uber random. There was this one boy (whose name is still unknown) who just showed up and invited himself to the party…I’m pretty sure he was like 14. Sean is 7… Anyway, that kid got kicked out because he was picking on one of the other boys. Besides him, there were like 10 screaming children. It was insane!

See Jermahl looking sneaky? lol

Jermahl was a hellion. He’s been acting out more and more lately. He’s developing a new attitude with everyone and it’s driving me nuts. He told Mandi’s neighbor that he was playing in their backyard and there was nothing they could do about it. He’s been jumping off of furniture. Talking back. Throwing tantrums. I know he’s acting out because of his home situation but I can’t do anything about it until we go to court.I really feel inadequate as a mother because I can’t protect my baby. I know I did the best I could at the time. It was better than him being homeless with me, but his father is getting out of hand. He is pretty much assuring Jermahl that he won’t ever get to live with me so he’s feeling pretty hopeless. I thought about taking him to a therapist…I don’t know if things like that are effective for small children. Anyone have experience with that?

Anyway, I now have 5 days to complete three weeks’ worth of homework. I also have Judas full-time. I’m going to fail. Again…I had a 3.7 GPA and now…I don’t even want to look. So, that’s the scoop for now. Stayed tuned.

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